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The Infamous Costco CBC Sushi 5’8 Surfboard

Posted on: January 17, 2013 | Tags: ,

I finally got one! Its so freakin wide and short. Perfect for messing around in some shorebreak.

costco surfboard

It’s probably the ugliest surfboard ever made but for $60, I’ll take it.

Foam Surfboard

Stay tuned for actual surfing pics.



  1. dan says:

    how does it surf? I cant seem to find any info on these in regards to an adult ( im 5’9″ 155lbs.) surfing them and how they work as a small beater board or a 1st short board. I met some girl in Hawaii who had just bought one for her vacation board instead of renting but she hadn’t ridden it yet and she looked about 5’3″ 115lbs. Thanks, d

    • Im 6’2″ 215 and i can ride it fine but i shortboard a lot. Its more like a standup bodyboard or something. The board rides pretty terribly and you can feel EVERYTHING flexing as you make any kind of turn. Its slow and sluggish. But in shorebreak its a good time. You dont have to care about it at all. What can you expect from a $50 board…

  2. mike says:

    I just got one last week. I’m 70 and haven’t surfed a shorty like this for 5 years. This little board is too much fun. I normally surf a 7′ funboard. I weigh145, am in decent shape for an old fart, and am 5’10” tall..So far all we’ve had here in Hilo is 1 to 3 for the last 3 weeks so I haven’t had a chance to try it in anything but mushy shorebreak. Best thing about it is that it duck dives like a fiberglass board. Most foamies won’t do that. Very helpful if the surf ever comes up over here. The board does tend to go down waves sideways but I think that’s just me still relearning. My grandson surf’s an epoxy 5’8″ and says his does the same thing in small, weak waves.

    My thanks to the great Costco god for making boards available to old retired surfers and poor kids with limited incomes. You purists ought to see the poor local kids out here taking 10 foot drops in river mouth storm surf on their 8′ Wavestorms. They totally smoke the tourists who come over here with their $900 boards.

  3. Gaz says:

    Considering one of these as sort of kneelo, drop knee board. I Bodyboard most of the time, so should be fun taking some drops kneeling instead. You chaps over there have it pretty good getting those boards from Costco for only $60 over here in the UK they charging £140 !!

    • David Jones says:

      £54.95 in UK Costco stores at the moment…

    • Mike says:

      We picked up one of the bigger ones (6’4″) in Polzeath which the kids got on fine with … About £150. Prob the best soft board in the local shops. Looked elsewhere online since coming home and see they do a 5’8″ too for around £140 as you say, but costco uk are doing one too for £55 …which on description looks the same size and spec? Can’t see difference although there must be some given the less than half price difference? Going to take a punt though to stop the arguments of kids sharing one board!

  4. nat says:

    I have a 6 ft shredder works great in small waves. I am selling it for £80. It’s hand shaped in Brazil. If you get a cbC I would love to give it a go

  5. Chris says:

    My buddy were at Costco and stumbled across a rack of these. We each bought one and yesterday logged a two hour session on them. I am pretty impressed for $59 bucks. I’m 5’11”, 175lbs and shortboard twice a week. My observations were: 1) paddles great 2) minimal flex 3) does NOT like to be on rail at all.
    We caught a bunch of waves and I felt it surfed more like a skimboard – extremely loose. It doesn’t allow for big bottom or top turns; turning has to be initiated with a heavy tail foot and minimal rail usage. We found that by dropping in, doing a bottom turn by trimming off the tail, and then gently arcing down the line that we could develop a ton of speed. Redirecting is a negotiation since the rails do not like to be buried, it will slide on it’s middle across the face.
    I am planning to install an extra pair of bodyboard fins like these: to see if I can give the board some extra hold. For the price, it can’t hurt to try.

  6. jessica says:

    They have the new version it looks kinda better

  7. James says:

    I picked this up to teach my kids to surf. My son is under 5′ and about 75 pounds. Not quite big enough to paddle it himself so I set him up and launch him on the face. He has a f’n blast. He can stand, turn(a bit) and ride all day, it takes a beating and keeps going. I found this site while I am looking for another. Its great.

  8. Chris says:

    I bought the extra fins and installed them ahead of the main fins. They made a big difference in helping the board turn on rail, but since the fins are all symmetrically foiled, the board is still pretty loose. This is a great summer beater board for junky days and shorepound. The surf has been too clean to bother with this board lately but there will be days for it coming… :)

  9. Kou Collins says:

    I actually like it a lot. I’ve been surfing on and off for about 16 years, (only 20 now) and I am actually having a lot of fun on it just to mess around. I would never take it on very large waves or anything, but for surfing after school it’s a lot of fun. I’m running a surf club where we give pointers to people on how to surf, and the beginners seem to have a blast on it! It’s worth the 60 bucks.

  10. John Winnick says:

    CBC 5′ 8″ Sushi from Costco has been the best surfing experience ever. After riding over 200 boards as a surfboard shaper I would recommend this board to any surfer! The board floats better than any design I have ever paddled I a 5-6 foot range as a fish. Hence, catching waves is easy. Turning is effortless-though tricky through breaking white water. The impact of a wave once breaking on the tail or rail of the board causes instability because of the thickness of the tail. So keeping ahead of the breaking wave is key to riding this board. The second generation Sushi has a thinner tail and performs better in the soup. On the open face the board rips.

    Changing fins and converting it to a quad or five fin can be the key if one wants a higher performance surfboard and may work better in critical sections. I have modified the fins into hydrofoil thrusters with the tailing fin similar to a FCS 3-D fin set up, with the leading fins shaped like mini surfboards. The speed is incredible with this set up. The next step is to add two more fins for increased stability.

    Currently I ride a set of specially designed thruster 3 fin hydroplane foils. They give the board amazing speed.

  11. caleb says:

    i just got one yesterday and tried it out at blackies (newport pier) this morning. Im ecstatic about it because of how much fun it is. i was pulling some pretty sick stuff on it for the first time i rode it.

  12. Cindy says:

    Q: Just got a couple of the $60 Cosco Sushi surfboards for my 7 yr old grandsons. Can they use them for boogie boarding until they learn to surf? They haven’t had surfing lessons yet.

    • Chris says:

      While they can certainly do as Corey mentioned (just stay laying down), I think the size if these boards is quite large for a 7 year old. Hy should have no problem standing. No need for surf lessons, just watch and copy! :)

  13. Cindy says:

    Can the $60 Cosco surfboards be used for boogie boarding by a 7 yr old who hadn’t had surf lessons? Would they want to keep their boogie boards? Any advantage to having both?

  14. Chris m. says:

    hey! i really need to know the volume for this board, i learned on it last year and now its time to graduate from this board but im 95 pounds like a little more than 5 feet tall and im 12. please tell me the volume!!!
    -Chris m

  15. James Wall says:

    My dog rides this board, she has placed 2nd and 3rd and made finals in her third comp. I have bought her a second board and I was waiting to change the fin set up but I’m unsure where to put the fins does anyone have pics of there mods? Thanks
    Ps you may be thinking this guys dog surfs? She has surfed real waves in Oceanbeach and Del Mar(San Diego) Huntington Beach and Cocoa Beach Fla.

  16. Edwin Thompson says:

    I’m 5,8 weigh 146 does the board work out good for me ?????

  17. Brock Ross says:

    We have a Sushi 5’8 and it has a bubble on the top side, any ideas on how to fix that or will it be okay to take in the water without it taking on water?

  18. paul says:

    Comments about the board seem pretty mixed but overall positive. I am getting back into surfing after 10yrs and as a student,funds are limited to buying anything too fancy. Saw the board in Costco and was v tempted as it seems a fun and cheap way to get back in the surf (Tynemouth). Worth giving it a shot or holding out and paying 3-4 times as much for a used fish? The adapted fin set up sounds interesting… Any help/advice very welcome

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